Meet Milkshake: A Rare Pink Pug That Has Captivated The Internet’s Heart

There are plenty of animals on social media who have captivated their audiences thanks to their very charming personal quirks or their unique appearances. Milkshake is a little 17-month-old pug who has been taking the social media world by storm, thanks to his very different look. Unlike most pugs, who are black and tan or all black, Milkshake has very rare baby blush pink fur, as well as beautiful light blue eyes.

Milkshake isn’t the only pink pug, but he’s definitely in a very, very elite league. In fact, there are less than 100 pink pugs in the entire world! He’s very much a rarity.

Milkshake gets his unusual pigmentation from, well, a lack of pigmentation. It would seem that somewhere along his pug family lineage, there was an albino pug.

Milkshake was acquired by his owner, Maria, after she spotted him at a London breeder, playing with his siblings. She said that as soon as she saw him, she wanted to bring him home. He was 10 weeks old at the time.

As Maria shared with Unilad, “I had never even heard of pink pugs before, but when I went to the breeder and spotted Milkshake I thought he was adorable, and knew I had to have him.”

Since bringing him home and setting him up with his own Instagram account, Milkshake’s social media following has exploded, with his self-described cutie who is “quirky, happy-go-lucky, energetic and very spoiled,” gaining more than 69,000 followers.

Based on his social media profile, Milkshake loves to spend his time noshing on chicken and desserts.

Milkshake often spends his time accompanying Maria to work meetings, as well as getting pampered at the doggie spa on a weekly basis. This spoiled pup doesn’t stop there as he usually gets a cute outfit to accompany his pamper spree so that he can look adorable during photo shoots.

Besides enjoying his social media fame, Milkshake also has participated in national dog shows. Additionally, he’s working with a trainer in hopes of breaking into ads and films in the future. Looks like this pup has a bright future ahead.

For now, enjoy some of our favorite photos of his:

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