Raising a Champion Through Communication

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Agility competitions can prove challenging for various types of dogs. The factors contributing to whether or not your pooch can accomplish an obstacle is dependant on a variety of factors, such as breed, personality, trust and communication. Typical agility obstacles include tunnels, jumps, dog walks, A-frames, pause tables, weave poles, seesaws and crossovers.

Generally, pooches that demonstrate athletic abilities have similar traits in common. They are fast and can easily discern commands given by their trainers. Listening and following a trainer’s instructions make for a successful competitor. In particular, weave poles, tire jumps, seesaws and the pause tables require heavy dog-trainer communication, and therefore, are some of the most challenging feats in an agility competition.

Canine competitors rely on their trainers to provide full communication and easily-read commands in order to complete the course. Motivation and determination are key factors in a winning dog, as well as accuracy and quickness — no doggie treats until the end of the round! Their eagerness to please is also akin to their nature.

If your furry champion displays these traits, as well as clear communicative commands from your end, the agility competition may prove a dog walk in the park for you both.

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