A Raccoon Got His Head Stuck In A Sewer Grate, So Firefighters Rushed To The Scene To Help

A little raccoon found himself in an unfortunate predicament when he got his head stuck in a sewer grate. He was unable to get out on his own, so people called firefighters to come and help him.

Rescuers arrived to help just as it started pouring rain. Since he was too stuck to pull out, they had to find a different way to remove him from the grate. They used a mallet to bang on the opposite side of the grate until they were able to lift it up. Once they lifted the grate up, they were able to gently push the little raccoon’s head out. They put him into a cage and took him far from the sewer grates so that he wouldn’t get stuck again. Then they set him free into a field of grass.

Thank goodness for the good Samaritans that noticed him, and for these awesome firefighters for helping to set him free. If it weren’t for them, he would’ve continued to be stuck in the grate during the pouring rain, and eventually would have died there.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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