A Cat Enjoys a Rabbit’s Company in a Sweet and Cuddly Video

Rabbits are undoubtedly adorable animals that provide so much happiness to everyone. They are cuddly and fun to have around — their demeanor gives you unexplainable calmness. Many people prefer their company, and bunnies love that as well. Being with their loved ones is immensely significant for them. It is due to the fact that rabbits are highly social animals. They often come in pairs — they want a life partner they’ll be doing everything with together. There are instances, however, when human company is alright for them or other animals they feel compatible with in place of another rabbit. What’s important is that they are not left alone for a long time. Without company, rabbits may feel stressed, which may lead to aggressive behavior.

Photo: Reddit/pastelbluepaste

Other pets are great friends for rabbits. It’s recommended to introduce them from a young age, especially with cats and dogs. Both animals might prey on the rabbit if not introduced properly. Before exposing them to each other, you must assess your cat or dog’s behavior. It’s possible to co-exist, and when that happens, you’ll have a lovely view of them every day. A Reddit post by pastelbluepaste can show that — a video that could easily melt your heart. The twenty-two-second clip showed a rabbit joining a cat inside a basket. They comfortably took a spot and cuddled with each other. To make the video cuter, the rabbit and the cat have similar fur colors. They’re indeed soulmates and the best of friends.

Photo: Reddit/pastelbluepaste

Netizens showed so much love for the content that it accumulated 62k upvotes and over 500 comments. The internet certainly needs a lot of soft and warm content that can chase the dark clouds away. A cat and rabbit cuddling together is like a tight embrace that instantly comforts you. Aside from adoring the Reddit post, people also shared their personal experiences with having both pets at home. Some could relate to the video, while others had different stories. NocturnoOcculto wrote, “My rabbit was not very social. I did let her free roam a lot and she played with my dogs tail every now and then. But mostly she loved to sit on the windowsill and stare out the window. She did love pets and splaying out on the cool tile.”

For this reason, pet parents should remember to observe their rabbit’s behavior before engaging them with other animals. “Every animal is going to be a little different. Humans are social animals too, and theres still people who’d prefer nothing more than removing themselves from society at large,” DocMoochal replied to NocturnoOcculto. Perhaps, it could also mean they haven’t found the right partner or company yet. It’s all about compatibility as well. But if introducing them to other animals worked for you, join the discussion to tell their story.

Rabbits are social animals and need company. Never keep them alone.
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