When She Was 3 Her Human Made Her THIS Promise. 12 Years Later Something Unbelievable Happened!

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Mike Chesworth, of Arizona, promised his dog, Angel, on her third birthday, that if she made it to 15, he’d throw her a huge quinceanera. Well, luckily Angel turned 15 this week, and Chesworth kept his promise and more! The party he threw for her is better than some parties I’ve seen for people! This just goes to show how much people love their pets as if they were their children. Well, they are our children!

Chesworth invited all of his family, friends, and Angel’s doggy friends to join them for the celebration, without telling them what the party was for. He surprised everyone with a bouncy house, red carpet, a dress, mariachi band, and a dog-friendly cake! Watch footage from Angel’s amazing birthday party below. Happy 15th birthday Angel! May you have many more happy and healthy years ahead of you!

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