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Dog Rescue Stories: Five Sets of Pawsome Have Fostered Over 200 dogs in Four Years!

It all started with Sully.

Kim and Paul had discussed getting a dog for a while and they had done a huge amount of research on breeds, training, etc. Paul, oddly enough, stereotyped Bullies just like the general public tends to do, so they weren’t looking for a bully breed.

They thought Sully, their first dog, was a Great Dane mix, but he is actually an American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix. The instant Paul saw his video, he was in love!

Kim and Paul then discovered that Kathi’s K9’s, the rescue they adopted Sully from, was in desperate need of fosters. They decided to give it a shot and ended up fostering a couple of litters of puppies with her.

Kim then saw Cece on Rugaz Rescue’s site. Cece was on the euth list for the next day, and Kim and Paul immediately volunteered to foster her. Needless to say, Cece found her forever home!

Fast forward four years — Paul and Kim have fostered over 200 dogs, have 5 of their own, and wouldn’t trade a single second of it!

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Goonies never say die! #goonies #fosterpuppies

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Just one big happy family 😍😍😍

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This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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