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Owen Proves Pit Bulls Are The Greatest

After having both rescued and fostered dogs in the past, Owen’s furever mom always told herself that she’d be adopting a full grown female dog when she was finally ready to adopt (the passing of her senior pup who she’d adopted broke her heart).

Her reasoning was that puppies get adopted easily and since she would be bringing her dog to work everyday, she couldn’t risk having a boy dog marking all around the school.

One day, Owen’s mom’s coworker adopted a puppy (Charlie) at a Bark n’ Bitches, a rescue not far from her apartment. She swung by “just to take a look” — famous last words– and the rest is history! The minute she saw Owen, she HAD to have him.

She remembers walking in circles inside the rescue, holding his fat puppy body against hers, grappling with the guilt of adopting a puppy, wondering what it was going to be like bringing a pit bull to a preschool everyday, and if she should be adopting the little girl puppy instead. In the end, she surrendered to fate and adopted Owen.

Owen is now the apple of his mom’s eye and she loves him for all his wonderful and weirdo ways. He has helped her connect to such a wonderful community of rescue folks — in person and online. They all cherish their small role in helping those around them realize that pit bulls are wonderful dogs.

Whether it is a friend who has seen that not all pit bulls are vicious or a neighbor they pass whose opinion they might change just a little bit, every single day.

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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