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Dog Rescue Stories: Bambina the Babe!

Bambina was dropped off at Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center (Tampa’s animal control) as a stray. The person who turned her in said she was seen roaming the neighborhood for two or three days. Bambina’s forever mom works there as a Certified Veterinary Technician and just happened to walk by when she was being dropped off.

It was love at first sight and she immediately adopted her!

Bambina is about nine months old and about 22lbs — the smallest “bully mix” her mom has ever seen!

Personality wise, she is one of a kind! At first, she didn’t know what toys were and wanted to play with the trampoline, metal bowls, the propane tank, and the yoga ball. Her forever family taught her what toys were and her favorite toy now is still the yoga ball (and any other ball you’re willing to throw for her).

Bambina is SUPER lovable and can cuddle ALL day! She has an older dog brother and an older human sister…both of whom she loves to play with! She also enjoys cuddling and playing dress up with her human sis.

Bambina’s forever family believes that Gnocchi, their beloved rescue dog who recently passed away, sent Bambina their way. She has been a great comfort to them during a difficult time. She is also their first female dog in a while, and she has truly completed their family.

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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