Maru On The Move: Watch The Internet’s Favorite Cat Push His Wagon Around

Maru always seems to be up to something unusual. Purr-haps that’s why this YouTube sensation has so many avid fans!

Now 10 years old, this Scottish Fold cat has been entertaining visitors to his YouTube videos since 2010, even achieving Guinness World Record holder status for the attention he’s attracted.

Notable newspapers such as the New York Times have covered Maru. His furry face has been headlined on Entertainment Weekly, as well. And those interested in Maru’s personal musings will be please to find he published a book in 2009.

Maru is a very kind and sensitive cat, wth a love of fine cardboard boxes. But is it his perky personality, or hilarious antics that have made him “the most popular cat on the internet?” Watch and decide for yourself!

Maru entertains himself in the video below with his owner’s pushcart. Too funny!

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