These Two Adorable Pups Pose Perfectly For The Camera. The Results? BREATHTAKING Photos!

For most pet owners, it’s nearly impossible to get great photos of your pets. They’re always moving around and never stay still long enough to take a picture. The photos wind up being blurry, or your pet doesn’t even make it into the frame. Usually that doesn’t stop us from taking a million pictures of our fur babies though. I am guilty of having my entire camera roll filled with hundreds of pics of my dog. But wouldn’t it be even better if our pets posed for us?!

These two dogs, Envy and Zain, are the perfect photography subjects. They are trained to pose for photos! The white pup sits very still, looking at the camera, while the black pup puts his arms around the white one and gives him a big hug. They both stay in that position, staring at the camera, while their human snaps away. It results in breathtaking photos that their human can treasure forever! I need to train my dog to do this!!

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