Try Not To Laugh As These Pooches Put Their Own Spin On A Familiar Tune And May the Bark Be With You!

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It didn’t take any time to figure out what these canines were up to.  Taking direction for anyone is always a challenge, but we can only imagine how the conductor was working the ensemble through this unique take on the Stormtroopers Theme from Star Wars.  Check out the miniature Chewbacca at 46 seconds.  These dogs are prepared to do battle as evidence by not only their attire, Ewok included, but by a unique appearance at the 57 second mark.

Not sure how easily this could be replicated at home, but for the serious fan, our guess is all bets are off when it comes to creating new ways to show you love for this epic film series.  All we can say is, Darth Vader best beware as these dogs are clearly at the ready for whatever comes there way.  May the bark be with you.

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