This Man’s Puppy Had His Leg Amputated. But, When I Heard The Man’s Story My Jaw DROPPED.

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This puppy’s leg was crushed by a motorcycle and the bone was crushed beyond repair so his leg needed to be amputated. His owner began to cry when he gave up the puppy to India’s Animal Aid Unlimited as they would try to save his life. No one knew what the outcome would be for this adorable little puppy. The surgery wound up being successful and they brought the puppy back home the next day to recover.

The man welcomed his puppy back home with open arms and a big smile on his face. Although the pup just had his leg amputated, he still managed to wag his tail and be happy. The rescue group gave the man all the medicine that the puppy would need during his recovery. When the man was sitting down, he pulled up his pant leg and revealed that he, too, was missing a leg! This man and puppy understand each other and I’m sure developed a bond that’s inseparable. You can clearly see how much this man loves his puppy and I’m so glad that the puppy is okay and that these two have each other! This story warms my heart!

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