This 9-Week-Old Puppy’s First Experience With A Hose Is 100% Awe Worthy!

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What is this long tube thing with water shooting out of it? This nine-week-old Havanese Poodle mix named Madeline, who lives in Lake County Florida, is finding out what a hose is for the first time. According to her owner, despite her small size, she really likes to help out and get into things, so it’s no surprise that this pup was very curious about the water hose in the garden.

She bravely goes up to it and starts pawing at the water stream. She goes to take a little drink but her face gets wet and she uses her little paw to wipe it off. Then she goes back for more drinks, this time not caring about the mess she’ll make. She takes a drink and then stands back, then takes a drink and stands back, over and over again with the occasional wiping of her face. She’s so fluffy and adorable and looks like a little teddy bear! I think it’s safe to say that Madeline enjoyed her first experience with the hose!

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