This Puppy’s Yawning Howl Is The CUTEST Thing You’ll See All Day!

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They always say yawns are contagious and they’re probably right. I’m yawning all day long, probably because I am always tired. They say that sometimes we yawn because we are bored as well. I guess yawns aren’t something we really put much thought into, but I definitely never considered a yawn to be cute…until now.

This Shiba Inu puppy, named Mac, has the cutest yawn you’ll ever see. He yawns frequently, which his humans caught on camera several times, when they get home from work and it’s time for dinner. He is probably showing his humans how bored he’s been without them all day. But wait until you hear his little yawn. Each time he yawns, he also lets out an adorable little howl at the end. What a cutie!!

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