This Puppy Was Born Without Back Feet. Watch Him Walk In His Special Booties For The First Time!

This adorable pup, Justin, was born under a house to a mother who died giving birth. Sadly, Justin was born without back feet. Justin and the rest of the litter, who had all four feet, were taken in by the family who owned the house that they were born under. Luckily, Justin wound up at Best Friends’ Utah Sanctuary where he was given plenty of love and care.


He got the medical attention that he needed, and now he is getting fit for a pair of booties for his back legs that will help him be able to walk easier on his own! While they are putting the booties on him, they gave him a snack of peanut butter. Watch him walk with his new booties for the first time in the video below! Fortunately, Justin has also found his furever home, and now resides with his new mom in California!

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