Training For Guide Dogs Is Extensive, But Did You Know It Was Also Adorable?!

Whenever I see guide dogs with their owners, I’m always impressed by how professional and well trained the dogs are. Having owned a black lab for a majority of my life, I’m always shocked because I could barely get my dog, Belle, to sit still long enough to train her to do anything else, let alone guide me anywhere! I’ve always wondered what goes into training a seeing eye dog, until I saw the early phases of training as shown here. Who knew guide dog training could be so cute?! See for yourself!

These little pups are a bit distracted, as puppies tend to be, but they are working their hardest to become an incredible asset and companion to someone in need later on. The first test for these adorable, tiny puppies is to follow the sound of the bottle, no matter where it goes. Even though most of the puppies featured struggled to stay on task, I’m sure they will grow up to be well behaved and invaluable guide dogs! (Especially that cute, little black lab! Maybe my dog Belle can learn a thing or two from him…)

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