Puppy Found With Tape Wrapper All Around Her Head

It’s so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that some people can be so cruel to animals. In what universe is wrapping tape around a three-month-old puppy’s head a good idea? I guess we’ll never know what kind of sickness runs through the minds of some people. But luckily for the poor little puppy who was a victim of someone’s cruelty, help got to her just in time.

The tiny little pooch was found by the Slaughterhouse Survivors in China wandering around in a park with her head all taped up. The rescuers had to work quickly to save her, but also had to be careful while removing the tape so as not to cause any damage.

Upon unwrapping her, they quickly noticed that both her eyes and ears were in need of medical treatment. Fortunately, they were able to provide that. The rescue ended up naming the little pup Jane. And with some vaccines, antibiotics, and proper food, Jane was able to make a recovery. The precious little puppy’s health quickly improved from what it was.

After undergoing her ordeal, Jane continued to grow stronger every day. She eventually became well enough to start a whole new journey in life when she was sent over to the US for a new shot at life. Upon arriving in the US, she was taken in by a loving foster mom named Valerie who worked with the rescue she was placed with. Valerie and Jane quickly bonded and Valerie decided to keep Jane permanently – a foster fail, but a total win.

Watch the video of her journey below:

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Anastasia is an American ex-pat living in Ireland. When she's not writing she can be found wandering the Irish countryside in search of inspiration. You can follow her writing adventures on Twitter @AnastasiaArell5 or Instagram @writeranastasia26
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