The First-Ever Puppy Prom Is Even Cuter Than Anything You Could’ve Imagined!!

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The name itself sounds downright adorable, but Puppy Prom is even cuter than anything you could’ve imagined!! This black-tie affair was set up by the non-profit organization, Animal Haven. The animal-loving organization created the event with the goal to raise money to help their mission of finding abandoned dogs and cats a new, loving home, while also showcasing a few of their cutest pups that were currently up for adoption.

Just like the memorable school dance from your youth, this canine prom was filled with people (and pups!) dressed to impressed and even had crowns to hand out to the Prom Kings (two pups won the title)!! Talk about adorable! The little pups with bow ties and dress suits on?! I can’t. It’s just too cute! Not only was the event oh-so-adorable, but they managed to raise more than $3,000 for the deserving organization! Here’s to hoping there is a 2nd Puppy Prom in 2016 with even more adorably dressed attendee’s!!

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