This Puppy Loves To Ring His Bell! The Reason Why? Such Cute!

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If you’re like me, then as soon as you adopt a puppy, you start thinking of all the awesome new tricks you can teach your pup! Everything from the basic Sit command to Fetch can be fun to teach! But, it looks like this owner just raised the trick-teaching bar to a whole new level!!

While you’re busy just getting your dog to understand what “Sit” means, this pup is over here learning how to actually ring a bell!! Ok, so at some points the little canine still misses the bell entirely, but I have to give credit where credit is due! My little pug definitely hasn’t mastered this impressive trick yet!! The next time this owner heads over to a friend’s house with this pup, she won’t even have to ring up. Her little puppy can do all the doorbell ringing for her! Lol!

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