A Puppy And A Kitten Meet For The First Time, And The Outcome Will Melt Your Heart

This little Golden Retriever puppy has probably never met a cat before, and this tiny kitten has most likely never met a dog before. But when they meet each other for the first time, the results will make your heart explode!

Friendship knows no species! These two are so incredibly gentle with each other and stay so calm. The puppy begins licking the kitten, while the kitty just sits there. The puppy even puts his arm around the kitten at one point, as if he were giving her a hug. It’s interesting to think what’s going through each of their minds as they meet. Does the kitten think the puppy is just another cat? Does the puppy think the kitten is just another dog?

It’s always so heartwarming to see animals getting along, especially when they’re two different species. It’s not often you see a cat and a dog who share a special bond, but I have a good feeling that this kitty and pup will grow up to be the best of friends!

Unfortunately, the video is less than a minute long, but I could honestly watch these two all day long! Watch them for yourself in the video below, but be prepared for your heart to melt to soup from all of the cuteness!

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