Puppy’s Dad Was Stationed In Iraq For 7 Months. When They Reunite, He Can’t Contain His Excitement

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Leaving your beloved pets for an extended period of time can be really tough on an owner. You wonder whether they’ll remember you when you come home, if they’ve grown or changed at all, and if you’ll still have that special bond you shared before. For our active-duty military and army personnel, it can be heartbreaking to say goodbye to your pet for five months or even two years, depending on your length of deployment.

This surprise reunion, however, puts all of those questions to rest as a military member reunites with his furry little best friend after a seven-month deployment in Iraq. This dog’s day was most definitely made when he spotted who was seated on his living room couch!! Clearly, no matter how long you’re away, your precious puppy will be counting down the days until they can lick your face again! Seeing reunions like this always brighten my day!

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