This Fascinating Footage Gives You A Never-Before-Seen Look At A Puppy In The Womb!

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We’ve all seen babies in the womb–whether it be through sonograms, ultrasounds or educational videos in middle school health class. But I guarantee you’ve never seen a puppy in the womb before. National geographic gives us an amazing look at a puppy inside the womb! It’s absolutely amazing to watch the puppy fetus in this video! The fetus is so tiny and not fully developed at this point, yet is so delicately beautiful!

Watching this video, you will learn so many interesting facts about the development of puppies in the womb! At this point, the muscles are developed and the fetus is moving. It moves as a form of exercises, and it’s important for the joints to keep moving as they develop so they don’t freeze. Watch the full video below to learn all about the development of their ears! You learn something new every day!

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