This Baby Starts To Cry. But When The Dog Does THIS, The Baby Immediately Stops!

One of the most frustrating things is a crying baby who just won’t calm down. Just like animals, babies can’t talk and tell us what’s wrong, so we are left hearing their cries, having to figure out what is wrong on our own. But sometimes it isn’t always easy. And sometimes getting them to stop crying is nearly impossible.

But this pup is a master at getting his tiny human to stop crying. As soon as the baby starts to cry, the dog starts to howl and the baby looks at him and stops crying immediately. Once the dog stops, the baby starts to cry again. So the dog howls yet again and the baby stops. It seems like the only thing that gets the baby to stop crying is this adorable pup’s howl! The baby looks so intrigued by the dog. Every home with crying babies needs a pup like this to help! So cute!

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