All This Little Puppy Wanted To Do Was Guard His Human. Then At 1:47 My Cute-O-Meter Was Broken Forever!

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This adorable little puppy is so cute it may just overwhelm you, causing permanent damage to your cute-o-meter! All he wants to do is to stay awake to protect his newborn baby. They are both the same age in this video; about three months old and they puppy has clearly developed a protective instinct for his little human brother. It’s incredible that even at such a young age, this pup has developed that protective instinct… He tries, and tries, and tries to stay awake to guard him while he sleeps but he just can’t do it.

His eyes droop, then his head dips, and he struggles to wake back up. He fights the good fight for a couple of minutes in the cutest puppy-against-sleep struggle I’ve ever seen. In the end though, he gives up and snuggles up with his head laying right on top of his baby brother. Then, quick as a wink both adorable babies are fast asleep in dreamland.

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