Tiny Puppy Escapes His Kennel To Join The Big Dogs. Their Interaction Is Absolutely Adorable!

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The Muttshack Animal Rescue saves pets from animal shelters and has weekly dog adoptions at Petco in Burbank, California. The dogs at Muttshack are well-taken care of and are always having a great time.

They have all kinds of breeds from massive Great Danes to tiny Chihuahuas. One day, one of the tiny puppies escaped from his kennel area to join the big dogs. He went up to one of the big Great Danes, named Sasha.

Their interaction is too cute to miss! Although the puppy is so much smaller than Sasha, he is so brave and goes right up to her. The big dogs are so gentle with him and follow him and sniff him. The pup stands on his hind legs to greet Sasha, and she touches her nose to the pup for a kiss.

The size difference of the two together is absolutely comical. Regardless of size, these dogs have so much love to give. It’s so heartwarming to see animals interacting with each other, especially when they get along like these guys! Watch their adorable meeting in the video below:

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