The Bandage Was So Tight For So Long That His Leg Had To Be Amputated. But Wait ‘Til You See Him Now!

Hank, a Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix, is thought to be around eight-weeks-old and was brought to Vet Ranch with a big bandage around his leg. They are unsure of why or how long it has been on him, but it was very tight and caused necrosis. They cut the bandage off and his leg was very raw, swollen, and was also rotting from the pressure, so they knew it had to be amputated.
They performed the surgery, and also got him neutered. The amputation went well and his leg healed up very nicely. He was hobbling around and getting used to walking on just three legs.

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Meanwhile, Alex Mandel, a famous YouTuber from Los Angeles, stopped by Vet Ranch to check out Hank. Afterward, Hank went to live with a foster while he continued to heal. Dr. Matt even brought him home with him a couple of times so he could play with his kids and dog. At the end, it was time for Hank to fly to his furever home! He wound up getting adopted by Mandel’s friend. They included footage of Hank in LA and you can see how happy he looks. You can continue to keep up with Hank’s journey on his Instagram page!

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