This Puppy Found A Boy Stranded In The Woods. What He Did Next Saved His Life!

A Labrador puppy is being hailed as a hero after rescuing a teen boy from the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range in Mexico. Juan Heriberto Trevino was camping with a group of people when he somehow became separated from his friends. The 14-year-old was searching for firewood when he fell down a steep ravine. After falling, the teenage boy was very disoriented and became lost, unable to find his campsite.

Proteccion Civil Galeana NL

Proteccion Civil Galeana NL

Seeing the incident from afar, Max the Labrador puppy knew exactly what to do. He followed the boy down the ravine. The pair took refuge under a tree and Max laid on Juan to keep him warm overnight. For the next two days, Max kept Juan safe. At one point, the puppy even led him to a puddle to get water to drink. After 44 hours lost in the woods, the pair was found by a rescue crew.


Juan was returned to his family, who was so grateful for Max’s good deed that they asked to adopt the puppy. However, it was discovered that Max already had a forever home. Thank goodness both are now safe, thanks to Max’s heroic efforts!

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