Puppy Found Abandoned In Garbage And Needing A Home

We sometimes see dogs on the street and our hearts really go out to them. We may even try to do our best to help them, but it isn’t always the easiest thing to do. A Greek rescue was recently called when someone saw a puppy running in an area that was full of garbage. It was an abandoned warehouse, and DAR Animal Rescue was there to do what they could to help him.

At one time, DAR Animal Rescue had a shelter in the area but the shelter had been destroyed when a flood happened. After going back to the abandoned warehouse, they saw the stray puppy that was spotted and realized they needed to help.

The rescue group talked about the bad flooding that caused the destruction of their warehouse that once used as a shelter. That flood also destroyed many homes in town as well. After the floodwaters receded, people started throwing their garbage into the area where the storehouse used to stand. The municipality just threw up their hands and made it into a temporary dump.

Unfortunately, families have become so destitute that they are now camping in the area.

DAR Animal Rescue said that those people have taken over the place in order to search the garbage for things that they need.

It wasn’t long before rescuers were able to find the puppy and they were being cared for by some of the campers.

They didn’t know much about feeding the puppy but it wasn’t long before the dog, that they named “Sweety” was in the care of the rescue and about to live a better life.

They said: “He is such a sweet puppy! [He] is maybe less than 1.5 months old, male and will become medium to big size dog. We have already started looking for a forever family.”

Since posting the video, they were pleased to announce that Sweety already has an adoption offer!

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