Puppy Was Trapped In A Tail Pipe, When Heroes Tried To Get Him Out In A Nail-Biting Rescue

One puppy in Thailand was extremely scared when he somehow got stuck in a car exhaust pipe. No one has any idea how this pup managed to get stuck in such a small pipe, but there wasn’t any time to play guessing games. According to TomoNews US, the rescue crew thought of using “a menacing hydraulic cutter” to snap the pipe and break it, until they smartly decided to cut through the metal piece by piece, not risking any injury to the petrified puppy. The rescue took several hours, which I’m sure felt like more than an eternity for him.

Credit: ViralHog/TomoNews.Net

Credit: ViralHog/TomoNews.Net

The crew kept trying to loosen the top of the pipe so he could hopefully sneak out the end of the pipe. However, that pipe just wouldn’t budge. Rescuers used tons of lubrication to try and slip the dog out of the pipe. After countless hours, the hard work finally paid off and he wiggled his way out! They quickly washed him with water to get rid of, who knows what, was on his skin. I can’t imagine how this poor animal was feeling during his rescue, and I hope this was the last time he ended up in significant danger.

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