This Sleepy Newborn Puppy Finds The Cutest Blanket To Snuggle Under!

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This sleepy newborn Weimaraner puppy just wants to take a nap. But naps are always best in pitch-black, and this pup knows the perfect spot. Although puppies wrapped and cuddled in blankets are adorable, I think this spot is even cuter than that! The pup’s mama is lying down, and you can tell by the look in her eyes that she’s exhausted. Because, just like kids, puppies take a lot of work too!

The puppy joins his mama and decides to make good use of her floppy ear. He pushes it up with his nose and crawls up under it until his entire head is covered. The mom’s eyes are open but it looks like the puppy woke her up. She doesn’t mind though and just lies there still until her baby gets himself comfortable. Then once he stops moving, she drifts back to sleep. This is the cutest napping spot ever!

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