This Senior Golden And Puppy Are Napping. When The Big Dog Starts Having A Nightmare, Watch The Pup!

No matter how many years apart siblings are, they always understand each other and develop a unique and special bond that is hard to have with anyone else. A senior Golden Retriever was lying on the floor napping next to his new puppy brother. Everything seems fine until the older dog starts twitching from a nightmare. This wakes the puppy up and he immediately gets up to check on his older brother. He looks at him and then nudges his face before looking at his human.

The pup looks very concerned, but eventually walks back over to the Golden and lies down right near his face and places his head on the other dog’s head. He knew just the right thing to do to comfort him and help him through his nightmare. How sweet is this?! Their human said they are quickly become great new friends! Watch this paw-dorable duo in the video below:

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