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Aaaah, the epitome of cuteness! Cats and dogs don’t always get along, but that doesn’t mean they are completely incompatible! They may speak different languages (imagine a cat wagging her tail because she’s happy, or a dog arching his back and poofing his tail in fright). Heck, they even sound different when talking to humans. But there’s one language they both understand, and it’s the language of friendship.

This fluffy puppy and cat have an incredibly special bond. They clearly know one another well, trust each other completely, and understand even when the affection gets a little out of hand. If all cats and dogs got along like this, the world would be a much mellower place. Forget fighting like cats and dogs, and just listen to this ridiculously sonorous purr while you melt into the puppy’s liquid eyes. The best part is how these two look at their human like they know they’re being cute lol. What sweet, ridiculous creatures!

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