This Puppy Really Wants To Bury His Ball, But Hasn’t Quite Gotten It Down Pat!

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Hank the puppy has dug a hole in the dirt in his backyard. Every dog knows how to dig a hole, it’s like an instinct to them. Sometimes I wish my dog didn’t know how to, because he leaves hole all over my backyard! But what isn’t an instinct to Hank, is how to actually bury the ball in the hole he dug.

He keeps dropping his ball in the hole but then is not quite sure what to do after that. He tries different methods, but none of them work. First he stomps around on the ball, then he digs a little more in the hole, which just causes the ball to come out of the hole and roll away. He goes to get it and places the ball back in the hole and tries again. After more than two minutes straight of failed attempts, he finally decides to give up and lies down with his ball. Poor Hank!

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