A Little Boy Took a Heartwarming Action to Save a Puppy from Being Homeless

No matter what age you are, if a puppy is in front of you, being adorable and playful, you feel that attachment quickly building up. It will be hard to let the puppy go or bring it back to its owner. As for kids, it’s not just about losing a puppy — the situation can be compared to losing a best friend. Puppies and kids have such a pure bond, and once separated, heartbreak comes next.

Photo: Youtube/My Pets

A little boy had to endure that heartbreak in hopes of a better life for his puppy. He cared for the puppy, and even at such a young age, he maturely accepted that he was not yet capable of such a huge responsibility. Instead of leaving the puppy in some corner, the boy chose a place where there was a good possibility that a nice person would find and save the little pup.

The young boy left her outside a school’s front door to safely give the puppy her future home. He knocked on the door and eventually fled the scene. Good thing the school janitor was nearby and heard the knock. He even saw the boy running away. He also saw a box with a saddening letter.

You can definitely feel how much care and concern the little boy has for the puppy in the letter.

“Sorry it didn’t have a home and it was cold so we were going to give it to you. Please do let it go find a nice home.”

Photo: Youtube/My Pets

As soon as the janitor understood what was happening, he brought the puppy to a school teacher who loves dogs. The dog-loving school teacher accepted the puppy and even gave her a beautiful name — Snowflake. She took the puppy with great care. The first thing she did was consult a local rescue group, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. Vet care and vaccines were given to Snowflake as part of the adoption process.

Christmas was warm and safe for Snowflake. The little boy’s sacrifice was meaningful — a lovely home with dog siblings was given to the puppy he helped. They still could not contact the brave boy to let him know that his kindness wasn’t in vain. Kids truly have the purest intentions, and sometimes adults have to learn from them, too.

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