This Pup Is Happy To See Her Human, Until He Does THIS…

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Christy the West Highland Terrier loves her human dad, Jac. Like most dogs, she happily greets him with a wagging tail and lots of kisses. Usually they love us for us, unconditionally. But Christy isn’t too fond of Jac when he changes up his looks. He puts on a camouflage hat that he got, and Christy just isn’t feeling it.

When the hat is off, she is very loving and happy. But the second he puts it on, she backs away and starts barking at him. Then when he takes it off, she’s his best friend again. Maybe the camouflage is working, and Christy thinks her dad turns into someone else. Or maybe that’s just her way of telling her dad that he doesn’t really look that good in hats. Either way, Christy is one silly pup!

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