Momma Dog Waits for Her Puppies’ Reaction When She Brings Them a Ball. Her Sad Face Says It All.

Part of building a connection with those around you is introducing them to your interests and things you love. It’s exciting to see their reaction — will they love it or not? Sharing your favorites with your loved ones will make those things more meaningful and special. Life becomes more fun when you share it with someone. It can be a movie, television series, favorite ice cream shop, or book. Seeing their reaction to it will be priceless — you’ll have more reasons to bond.

However, there are times that they won’t be as amazed as you are when introduced to something. They may not laugh at a joke you find funny, cry at a movie that made you sad, or admire your favorite author. It’s normal to feel disappointed and puzzled — why don’t they like it? Why are they not as happy as I am? Everyone has their own preferences, and dogs are not an exception, because not all puppies get excited at seeing a ball – especially tiny ones like these. A video of dogs on Reddit shows how exactly it feels to wait for a reaction from the people close to you and not get it.

Dogs normally get excited and extra playful when they see a ball. That is why it’s natural to anticipate wagging tails and a lot of jumping when you give them one — especially puppies. However, this Labrador’s puppies aren’t like any dogs. The ball was left untouched, and it made their mom extremely confused. She even looked concerned, as pointed out by Reddit user curioisjack6. Not a single pup gave attention to the ball — they were all just lying around in their pen. The mother looked at the camera like a scene from The Office. It seems like she was asking her human, “Why won’t they play with the ball?”

The video was uploaded by Vexiune and has garnered over 4k upvotes and almost a hundred comments. Reddit users couldn’t help but feel sad for the mother dog. User SchnoodleDoodleDo also wrote a poem for the poor mom, earning him over 300 upvotes. The puppies also looked sleepy, and maybe they were all just recharging their batteries. Mommy dog might have to wait for their reaction when they’re much more playful – or older. Then she’ll be able to pass the love to play ball and have the best childhood ever.

Mama dog is confused why her puppies won’t play with her ball. from aww

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