Abandoned Puppies by the Road Were Rescued by a Good-Hearted Lady

A puppy often becomes available for adoption when they reach eight weeks old. Puppies must spend adequate time with their mother — to ensure survival and assist them during the early development stage. Leaving them very young would be rough for them, as puppies still have no means to fend for themselves. For this reason, abandoning them in places where they can’t be easily found is dangerous. People shouldn’t just leave them beside dumpsters or secluded parts of a road.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Lucky for two puppies from Crete, they were found by a woman on the roadside. The two puppies were drenched in the rain and shaking from the cold. They were hidden in the grass and taking shelter under a tree. If these puppies were not immediately found, they would’ve had a difficult time surviving, or they might have gotten into the hands of the wrong people. The lady consulted help from a nonprofit organization called Takis Shelter. She was accompanied by someone from the shelter, and together they took the dogs away from their cold, wet spot. Clearly, the puppies were happy to see the good people that had come to rescue them — they just couldn’t stop wagging their tails.

During the rescue, the other dog fled the scene after the lady took its sibling in her arms. As the lady kept the puppy warm, the others searched the area to find the other puppy. It might have been shocking at first, causing him to run away. Good thing the team was patient and waited for the dog to relax, allowing them to touch him. The team went straight to the shelter as soon as the puppies were safely secured inside their jackets. Takis Shelter was thankful for the woman, as it was not safe to leave puppies by the road — one wrong move, and those puppies might’ve been victims of a road crash.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Rainy days are over for the siblings, as they have a safe place with loving humans and other animals. Takis Shelter takes care of over 350 cats and dogs. Since the establishment of their organization, they have successfully helped 600 animals find the perfect family to adopt them. They continue their advocacy, and many animals are still available for adoption. You can visit the Takis Shelter website if you are interested in adopting, donating, or volunteering. A lot of stray animals are out there and in need of help — one small act of kindness can save lives and provide better homes.

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