Puppies Rescued After Being Left To Die In A Plastic Bag

People are just so cruel sometimes. And the way that they can treat helpless animals is downright terrifying. In Donegal, Ireland, three newborn little collie puppies were discovered discarded in a plastic bag that was left on a barbed-wire fence.

What is even worse is that authorities believe that the bag must’ve become caught on the fence after someone threw it in an attempt to toss the puppies into a nearby river.

Someone discovered the bag and called the staff at Smyth’s Veterinary Services, having mistaken the sounds of the puppies for abandoned kittens. When the staff arrived on the scene they realized that they weren’t kittens at all. The little tiny collies were cared for by the veterinary team and treated for hypothermia, hypoglycemia, and hunger. At the time they were discovered on the 8th of July, they were believed to only be between 7 and 10 days old.

The Director of Veterinary Service, Alexander Smyth, was the one who raced to rescue the puppies after receiving the call. He noted that the puppies were extremely lucky because if that plastic bag had ripped, it would not have been a happy ending for the pups.

Smyth further stated that it was completely unnecessary as there are plenty of animal charities and other services that are willing to assist in cases like these. There was absolutely no need for these puppies to be treated with such blatant malice and disregard.

After the puppies are treated by Smyth and his team, they will go on to the Donegal ISPCA as the vet clinic doesn’t have the set up to provide long term foster care for the puppies. For now, the puppies are fine, but since they were orphaned at such a young age they will need intensive care before going off for adoption.

According to a local news outlet, he added that “The abuse and needless suffering of animals is unacceptable, and we encourage if anyone has any information about any cases of abuse, neglect or otherwise that they should make it know to authorities so it can be stopped.”

For anyone else who might be facing a similar situation of abandoned animals, he had cautionary advice: call a rescue or animal charity immediately. He noted that abandoned animals can be facing a lot of stress and fear, which is why it’s better to get professional help rather than try to rescue them on your own.

Mr Smyth also relayed, “The environments such as rivers and confined spaces can pose further hazards to rescuers, so you should not attempt any rescues of wildlife, pets or farm animals without specialist training and when completely safe to do so. Contact the ISPCA, Fire Service or your local Veterinary Surgeon for advice.”

Hopefully whoever did that to those poor puppies ends up getting their karma because there really is no justification for treating any animal like garbage.

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Anastasia is an American ex-pat living in Ireland. When she's not writing she can be found wandering the Irish countryside in search of inspiration. You can follow her writing adventures on Twitter @AnastasiaArell5 or Instagram @writeranastasia26
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