33 Sick Puppies Were Left Homeless After Their Shelter Closed. Now, They’re New Life Has Begun!

A small Alabama animal shelter was forced to shut their doors after a severe lack of funds kept the shelter from giving the animals proper care. With the facility being shut down, dozens of puppies were left homeless with nowhere to go. Not only did they not have a home, but they were suffering from a number of health concerns.

That’s when one animal rescue organization stepped in. Based in Michigan, the Lake Haven Rescue reached out to take in the abandoned puppies.

“They have everything,” said Cheryl McLeod, owner of Lake Haven. “Fleas, ticks, coccidia, giardia — they all have stuff that we have to work through. We’ll get them cleaned up.”

McLeod said the rescue has a constant need for puppies, so these 33 dogs will have a great opportunity for new lives. She explained that the puppies will be nursed back to health. Each will be spayed or neutered and brought up to date on their vaccinations. They should all find their forever homes in a few weeks.

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