9 Abandoned Puppies Were Rescued From A Landfill And Are Finally Feeling Love For The First Time

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Nine adorable abandoned puppies had been living on a landfill, which was extremely dangerous for them. Aside from having no mother, it was also hard for them to find food and comfort. After they were spotted, rescuers were called to the scene to help them to safety.

It’s unknown exactly how the puppies got there in the first place; they could have been left there, or they could’ve been born as strays. But regardless, it was obvious that they never had too much human contact before. They were a little scared at first, which was completely expected. But thankfully, they were all healthy!

They brought the pups to the clinic and were able to bathe them and clean them up. They quickly warmed up and got used to people. Once they were ready, they were put into foster homes while they awaited forever families! Watch these cuties in the video below:

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