This Man Uses A Creative Way To Rescue A Litter Of Puppies From Devastating Louisiana Flooding

We’ve heard many stories of daring animal rescues coming out of Louisiana as the southern part of the state is devastated by flooding. As many evacuate their homes, they must also find a way to save their four-legged friends.

One man’s animal rescue story shows how survival can spark ideas of ingenuity. As he evacuates the flooding, he searches for a way to rescue a litter of puppies. This video shows the clever man pushing an air mattress loaded with seven puppies to his car. He quickly loads the small animals into his backseat. Fortunately, the selfless act was captured on film by a local news channel.

As he puts the dogs into his car, he is interviewed by a news reporter. She asks him about the flooding and he explains just how quick the water has risen. The man also tells her that he had left that morning but came back to rescue the animals. As the reporter thanks the man, he further explains that he is now off to find a shelter for the puppies.

We are so thankful for animal lovers like this man, who was willing to risk his lives to save these helpless little animals!

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