Police Officer Heard Cries Coming From A Dumpster, Then Discovered Seven Freezing Newborn Puppies

An Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer was working a double shift when he made a horrifying discovery. Officer Scott Charleswood heard cries coming from a nearby dumpster and peeked inside to find seven newborn puppies.

He took off his heavy police jacket and wrapped them up to keep them warm since it was so cold outside. He then brought the pups to a foster home where they were well taken care of.

All of the puppies are doing well, accepting the bottle and eating great. If it weren’t for Officer Charleswood for going above and beyond, these puppies wouldn’t have survived. It’s unknown how the puppies got there, but what matters most is that they’re now safe!

Once the puppies are old enough, they will all be up for adoption.

Learn more about the story by watching the video below:

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