A Puppy Was Dumped On A Property. She Looked Sickly On The Outside, But Was A Fighter On The Inside!

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Two little puppies, thought to be around ten weeks old, were dumped on some property and were in very bad shape. Thankfully, they wound up at Vet Ranch to get immediate help. They had a bad skin infection and were covered in fleas and lice, had very little hair, and haven’t eaten in an extremely long time. Dr. Karri went ahead and skin scraped them and soon discovered that the pups had demodectic mange as well. Sadly, the male puppy unexpectedly passed away from Parvo.

Luckily, the female puppy, who they named Bindi, never got Parvo. Three weeks later, her skin was already looking much better and she gained a lot of weight. Three weeks after that, they were amazed at how great she looked; she was completely healed! They then spayed her before she was put up for adoption. Wait until you see how paw-some her transformation is!

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