The Cutest Time Lapse You’ll Ever See!!!

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Puppies grow up way too fast in my opinion! I wish it could slow down 🙁 Preserving their puppyhood in a time lapse video is a great idea! This one in particular had me smiling so much, my face still aches!

Colby and Bleu, two golden retriever puppies, are seen running to their dinner bowls from when they’re 11 weeks old to when they’re 46 weeks old. Every moment captures their excitement, their happiness, and of course, their cuteness!

I love how mealtime seems to get our fur babies going! It’s like this is their moment to celebrate and show off… and of course race to the finish line. Plus, using this music in the background is so fitting! Can you guess the tune? Or at least what this tune was used for?

As a dog lover, you will love this video, paws down. Puppyhood goes by way too fast but take comfort in one thing: our dogs never fully grow up. They’ll always be our babies!

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