Scared, Sick Pup Who Has Never Gone Outside Is Finally Getting Used To The World Around Her 

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A four-year-old dog named Sadie, who was at Dallas Pets Alive, an organization that saves pets who are at risk of euthanasia at Dallas Animal Services, was brought to Vet Ranch for help. She had not been vaccinated and tested positive for Parvo, and was also covered in fleas. They gave her an IV and started her treatment, but she was terrified and not doing so well. She had bloody stools, and was not interested in eating at all. Eventually she started eating and drinking again, and then was vaccinated.

Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch

During treatment, Vet Ranch learned that Sadie had sadly never been out of the inside of the house before; she has never gone outside to go to the bathroom and has never been in the grass before. After a few more days of treatment, Sadie was finally ready to go outside for the first time in her life! She grew less scared and has been doing really well. She has even been adopted into her furever home in New York!

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