Do You Love To Spoil Your Pup? If The Answer Is Yes, Then This Video Is For You!

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If you are like every other dog owner I know, then you love to spoil your pup. And you especially spoil your pup if you’ve just been away for a while, usually because you feel unnecessary guilt for having to hire a pet-sitter or for putting your lovable pooch in a pet hotel (aka kennel). Well, this owner feels the same because whenever he and/or his wife are away, they bring their cute Golden, Kopi, a toy from their trip. And this pup knows it! It’s so funny to watch Kopi greet her owner quickly and then wait expectantly for her new toy. At least they make her work for it! To get her new toy, Kopi has to search through her owners’ luggage and find it all by herself. And like always, she manages to find her toy and happily runs off to play.

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