There’s No One, I Mean NO ONE, Who Loves The Hot Tub More Than This Pup Does!!

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Who doesn’t love hot tubs? This pup sure does, and I’m not sure there’s any one else who loves it more! This is too funny to miss. And the sounds that come out of this dog’s mouth…pawlarious!!!

He’s sitting in the hot tub with his back against the jet and makes sounds of pleasure, loving every single second of it. He keeps sticking his tongue out and tilting his head back as if he were getting the best massage ever. His owner says he always loves to hop in the tub and press his back against the jet. This time he stayed there in front of the jet for five whole minutes! This cute doggy sure does love water; bath time for him must be so fun!

(The owner also wanted to note that the red mark on his neck is just dye from his collar!)

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