This Pup Gets To Go On Her Own Personal Magic Carpet Ride!

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Who said magic carpets don’t exist? Move over, Aladdin…this dog has her own magic carpet! I’m a little jealous. Who wouldn’t want to get their own ride around on one of these things? Okay, maybe it isn’t a real magic carpet, but it’s close enough! It’s also a very creative way to make good use of a hover-board!

Sasscha the Jack Russell Terrier is lying down on a blanket that’s draped over her human Stefan’s hover-board. He stands on it and rides it all over the house, which of course drags the blanket, along with Sasscha, with it. The pup just sits still the whole time and really seems to be enjoying it. Who wouldn’t?! I also can’t imagine how much dust this is picking up, so it’s basically like a fun way to sweep the floors, lol!

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