This Pup Gets Some Serious Air While Helping His Owner Rake Up Leaves!!

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Fall is a beautiful season filled with pumpkin carving, changing leaves, and cooler temperatures. But, that also means it’s time to bust out the rake if your yard is home to a few trees for yet another season of falling leaves. You might not enjoy the act of raking yourself, but maybe it’s because you’ve been doing it all wrong.

This owner and his adorable pet pooch make raking fun!! The active, little pup seems to think leaves are the enemy, so he attacks the colorful foliage with everything he’s got! Check out how high the tiny dog jumps as he tries to catch the leaves mid-air!! What a silly, but lovable pup! Next time you have to rake up a few leaves, give your favorite canine a call and maybe they’ll help with the job, or at least provide a little entertainment!

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