This Pup Falls Right Into His Sneaky Doggy Sibling’s Trap!

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It’s always fun to play pranks on your siblings. Sometimes they seem mean, but it’s all in good fun! Without a few tricks, sibling rivalries would never be the same. It gives us something to laugh about. Well this pup definitely has a few tricks up his sleeve..err, paw?..and he can’t wait to test it out on his doggy sibling. It’s so funny and cute, you can’t help but laugh!

His doggy sibling comes running into the room, wagging his tail as happy as could be, with no idea what his sibling has in mind. He sniffs his way to the laundry basket, which is filled with clothes but standing upright in the air. As soon as he’s close enough, his sneaky brother, who is hiding on the other side, stands up and pushes the laundry basket over him using his paws. He checks out his successful trap and then the video ends. We can only assume that their human helps him out of the basket afterward.

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